Wasa Yachts shipyard in Södertälje started in the early 20th century, and was then called Pershagens shipyard.

Wasa Yachts started its operations in the mid-1970’s, the decade that was the breakthrough in Swedish boating. Everything was changed with the fiberglass reinforced resin, which meant a revolution for boat constructions. Wasa Yachts has manufactured about 500 boats from 36 to 53 feet, all with high comfort and strong hulls. Wasa Yachts boats have become demanded by picky sailors around the world. The shipyard has consistently followed a line where the sailing quality has controlled the design of hulls, decks and rigs and now has six models on the program.

There are especially two people associated with the Wasa boats; the designer, from Gothenburg, Leif Ängermark, and Hans Marklund who built them on the shipyard in Södertälje.

The first two boats were classic archipelago cruicers, but with modernities such as a short keel, seperate rudder and Leifs Ängemark’s demands for speed and good sailing properties.

A few years later we focused on real off shore boats, but in our own version. Boats that were a bit more narrow than the average and had a little bit less displacement -characteristics that favor performance and the sailing experience.
The first boats of this type were Wasa 410 and Wasa 360, both launched 1980 and immediately became very successful. After that a wide range of models followed, up to 53 feet in length.

Södertälje YachtService was run in the 70’s by Hans Marklund.