For Boat Owners
Here you will find information about your boat mooring / boat storage


Power for spring care is included in winter storage, land current may be connected for charging batteries and use of hand tools while the boat owner is in the boat. When leaving the boat, remove the plug from the power station. Heat fans type “compartment heater” and the corresponding must not be used due to a fire hazard.

If you want to connect permanent power during the winter months for t.e.x elements or dehumidifiers, you need to rent electricity meter from us. Power cords in the power supply without electricity meter will be pulled out of the power station without contacting the boat owner. Consumed electricity is charged after winter.

Instructions for leaving and picking up a boat at winter storage

Pickup and departure will be booked a couple of weeks in advance, the boat will be collected the same week as the launch is booked.

When leaving the boat, the boat is to be placed inside the docks, mooring on the outside towards the fairway is forbidden, if it is crowded in the harbor we advise you to moor on another boat. For leaving the key please contact the office. If you do not order service, the boat must be ready to be taken up in the following week after you left it.