Teak Decks and woodworking

Teak decks ages over time. Well-made teak decks last for about 30 years while others are completely worn out after much shorter time. Let us lay a new teak deck that lasts a long time.

We lay 12 mm teak ribs that we cut ourselves to get the right grain and as few joints as possible in the deck. We then lay these into sealing compound and then screw the deck with seal into each screw hole. Throughout the years we have repaired many vacuum glued decks and therefore we choose a method that we know works and stays waterproof.

Our long experience of building sailboats is a great advantage when renovating and rebuilding both sailing and powerboats. Either being in plastic or wooden. Some are just a few years old and others are built in the 1920’s and 30’s.

Some of our customers have bought really old boats, which they then let us renovate to conditions as good as new.

Several examples of different renovations can be found under our renovation page.

Other customers have relatively newly purchased boats that they want to improve and adapt to their own needs. We arrange that too.

Wasa Yachts has knowledge and facilities for carpentry, plastic, rigging and installation works. In other words, we can manage most jobs.

Contact us and we will make sure your boat is in top condition and just as you want it.

Here you will find an article about woodworking: Click here