The Yachts

Wasa Yachts has built sailboats for more than 30 years. We have always built high quality, fast-moving boats. Over the years we have built almost 500 boats. All but three still sail around the world.
Wasa Yachts boats are completely crafted with the best materials and equipment.

Wasa Yachts sailboats are the perfect combination for both race and family racing, fast family yachts that are easy to handle.

The characteristics of the Wasa boats have a unique combination of racing and family racing, they are fast family yachts that are easy to handle. The interior is made in selected teak and mahogany and is traditionally Swedish craft focusing on quality both in detail and in the whole.

All boats are CE marked and rated for Ocean Sailing Category A. Each detail and construction of our boats therefore meet the high standards of safety, maneuverability, speed and convenience. Equipment like rigging, motors and winches comes from world-leading manufacturers.

ORDERING construction
The laundry boats are built exclusively on demand, giving the owner a great opportunity to customize the furnishings and designs to suit their own needs. This is done in conjunction with the constructor and shipyard based on the restrictions that the boat size and CE marking choice implies.

Leif Ängemark is the designer behind all Wasa Yachts boats. He is famous for his fast constructions and high quality thinking. At Wasa Yachts we do our utmost to give our customers sailing with speed, comfort and an experience beyond the usual. Thanks to the high quality and good reputation of a Wasa Yachts boat, the owner gets a good economy in his boat ownership.

A light hull along with the good weight distribution means that a Wasa boat always travels smoothly in the sea, even in hard weather, our boats feel safe and steady, something that the family usually appreciates. A well-added sail area also provides the speed of the yachts of Wasa Yachts.

The basic idea behind our boats is a modern design, a lightweight, strong and rigid sandwich, combined with the best in rig and sails. We build boats that are easy to sail and maneuver, even with a small crew. The well-balanced rudder, together with a short and solid keel and a large magnifying glass, make our boats easy to maneuver under sails in crowded waters and ports.

construction methods
A Wasa is built without inner liner and plastic modules, a construction that allows a Wasa to be easily repaired, for example after a hard grounding. Our way of construction also makes future maintenance easy because almost all parts of the boat can be replaced and the installations are easy to access. Another thing that characterizes a Wasa-boat is that the hull is made in one piece, which gives a very strong hull. The common method of two hull halves laminated together is easier production technology, but also means that there is a joint throughout the length of the boat, where the strength may vary depending on how well the joints of the halves are made.