Wasa Yachts offers a wide range of boats, both in terms of size and performance. Both the discerning sailor and the children’s family get a boat that suits their needs and demands on speed, safety, handling and convenience.

Wasa Yachts sailboats were built by sailors for sailors with high ambitions of quality and comfort. We at Wasa Yachts do not compromise when we build and build our boats!

The boats are built only on demand, where the owner himself can to a large extent adapt the interior and design to his own needs and requirements. This is done together with our designer and shipyard based on the basic restrictions that the choice of boat size and CE marking implies.

 L.O.A (m)With(m)Deph. (m)Depl. (kg)Sails m2 (kvm)L Y S
Wasa 37011,233,251,955 300551,22
Wasa 3811,433,532,005 300621,23
Wasa 4112,493,702,185 950901,35
Wasa 42012,853,602,208 500751,30
Wasa Atlantic15,453,302,207 500891,34
Wasa 53016,004,352,5014 900117