Wasa 370

Wasa 370 is the entry model in our product line. The model is based on the popular Wasa 360, of which over 100 was built, but greatly improved on a number of points.

A higher and longer hull gives a more spacious boat, with better standing height.

The cockpit has also changed, resulting in wider and more spacious berths in the aft cabin and a larger quarter berth.

Otherwise, it’s a classic Wasa boat with the unique combination of a fast family boat for comfortable cruising and a quick race.

Wasa 370

Wasa 370 is a sequel to the popular Wasa 360 and almost identical to it.

Some customers demanded more height under deck, but still wanted to have a “genuine” Wasa. The answer became Wasa 370.

Both models are based on the same hull, with the only difference that Wasa 370 was extended by 10 centimeters and increased by 7cm in height along the whole freeboards. This increased the height of the cabin correspondingly and gave a feeling of more space under the deck.

After about half of the Wasa 370 production, the design of the cockpit was changed. “We raised the floor and the sides to expand the berths
under the cockpit, where we added a middle bulkhead, “explains Wasa’s chief Hans Marklund.

As well as the other Wasa boats after the 55, 370 is built in one piece, meaning without a joint in the middle. It greatly increases the strength for grounding and other great stresses, especially as the laminate in the bottom is extremely thick on the Wasa 370, about 40 mm homogeneous GRP (compared to modern boats of equivalent size where this can be as little as 12mm).

Each customer can largely decide on the design of the interior on its 370.