For Sailmakers

Here are all the rig and sail dimensions you need to make sails for all our models. If you can’t find any measure or are uncertain, please contact us. Note that some rigs are modified. So always check with the customer.

All measurements are in meters. Dimensions in feet are given in the respective specification detail.

Wasa 37012,754,0013,954,20 info
Wasa 3812,754,0013,954,90 info
Wasa 4116,004,7014,805,359/10 Rig
Wasa 4114,904,7015,805,607/8 Rig info
Wasa 42016,215,0014,505,25 info
Wasa Atl.14,504,6516,405,95 info
Wasa 53020,106,0018,006,25 info
Wasa 5512,754,0014,154,20 info
Wasa 30Saknas3,7511,003,20 info
Wasa 2708,703,009,853,80 info
Wasa 3411,653,6612,854,50 info
Wasa 36012,754,0013,954,20 info
Wasa 4016,154,6514,304,70 info
Wasa 41016,055,0014,355,00 info
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